Welcome to the Laindon Radio Club

Laindon Radio Club is a voluntary organisation that gives amateurs the chance to learn about and use many different forms of radio communications. There are regular meetings and demonstrations to give members the chance to learn about the different types of radio that are used in the communications world. The club has a wide selection of radio related equipment that members can use to communicate with other members on the same wavelength. 

Promotes amateur radio in the Essex region

Laindon Radio Club promotes amateur radio in the Essex region. Aside from helping radio amateurs gain additional confidence and experience, we also offer avenues to this multifaceted hobby.
Additionally, we help radio amateurs gain confidence and provide avenues for this multifaceted hobby.The Club meets on a Monthly basis at the Womens Institute hall, and operates on field days at one of the highest points in Essex which is just on our doorstep. (Westley Heights country park).We are keen to assist newcomers to operate on the Radio bands and the joy of the hobby across all ages.


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